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# Friendship and companionship

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If you are interested in pursuing a platonic parenting arrangement, whether you are divorced or seeking a non-romantic relationship with someone else to raise a child with, there are many issues to consider. First and foremost you should seek legal counsel and come up with an agreement about finances living situation, wills and other issues . Of course you will have discussed your values and your goals for the child you will be raising. Make sure you are able to communicate well with the other parent, whether be in person conversation, emailing, calling, or texting. Other discussions to have with your co-parent is how to handle things if one of you does become involved with someone romantically. Platonic parenting or co-parenting is now much more common with couples who have been married and decide to divorce. Shaheen Cronin, a family coach and attorney from Michigan who is co-parenting with her ex says she has accepted that her ex partners choice of a new partner is not a reflection on her.